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The Exhibitors will comprise of companies and organizations who will participate to showcase their products, services, technologies, and innovations related to the national security industry.

These exhibitors will set up booths or stands where they display their products & conduct demonstrations for brand exposure, provide informational materials, and engage with attendees, including potential clients, partners, and industry peers.


The event will attract organizations who will be offering a wide range of all aspects of security management from both the local and international arena including :

1. Border security technology

2. Cyber Security

3. CCTV Integration systems

4. Intelligence

5. Intruder detection/Monitoring

6. Communication

7. Drones and UAVs, Robotics

8. AI Technology 

9. IT / Command & Control

10. Disaster Management

11. Data Protection

12. Economic & Industrial intelligence

13. System integration

14. Civil defense

15. Law enforcement

16. Anti-terrorism – special forces

17. Access Control & Surveillance

18. Risk analysis and management

19. Forensic science services

20. Others

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