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 PDRM Special Dialogue I Highlight

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AISSE is a trade expo to showcase or display the latest science and innovation focusing on new trends in technology for all aspects of enhancing public safety, national security, and security management by industry players from both the local and international arena.


Special Announcements

Alpine Integrated Solution Sdn Bhd (AIS) and Koperasi Polis Diraja Malaysia Berhad (KPDRM) appointed as Asia International Security Summit & Expo (AISSE) organizer

Bahasa Melayu version

Letter PDRM CP (R) Dato' Hasanuddin Bin Hassan - AISSE[1]-1.png
Letter PDRM CP (R) Dato' Hasanuddin Bin Hassan - AISSE[1]-2.png

English version

Letter PDRM - AISSE-1.png
Letter PDRM - AISSE-2.png

Yang Dihormati (YDH) Director of Management's media statement that was uploaded on PDRM's Facebook page is as follows,


The English translation reads as,

“The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) through the PDRM management department with the cooperation of the Royal Malaysia Police Berhad (KPDRM) and Alpine Integrated Solution SDN BHD. (AIS), will organize several seminars related to cyber-crime and narcotics which are:

I. PDRM Special Dialogue 1 2024 in conjunction with the 217th Police Day commemoration on March 11th, 2024 at Royal Malaysian Police College Kuala Lumpur

II. PDRM Special Dialogue on narcotics on 22th August 2024 at Royal Malaysian Police College Kuala Lumpur

III. Asia International Security Summit & Expo (AISSE) on 8th till 10th October 2024 at PICC, Putrajaya

The objective of this seminar is to raise awareness among participants about the new challenges in the fields of safety and public health, particularly regarding cybercrime and narcotics.

As the country's main law enforcement agency, the PDRM is responsible for protecting the public from all forms of criminal threats. Additionally, it is committed to strengthening the investigation, prevention, and prosecution of criminal cases in Malaysia.”

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